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8tracks for the Xbox 360 was created by Softwell as part of the Developer Partner Program for Xbox LIVE Applications. 8tracks, Inc. provides a fantastic free music streaming service on the web and through apps across all major platforms. Now you can enjoy 8tracks on the best speakers in the house.

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8tracks radio is the official 8tracks client for Windows 8. 8tracks, Inc. provides a fantastic free music streaming service on the web and through apps across all major platforms. Softwell, LLC was contracted by 8tracks to create this beautiful app in cooperation with the 8tracks design team.

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The NPR show Planet Money has been described as hanging out with a friend over drinks and finding out what is going on with the economy. The Planet Money team produces a twice-weekly show, a blog, and radio stories for NPR’s news programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Get all Planet Money has to offer built specifically for your Windows Phone. It's the world economy in your pocket.


Mixtapes gives you free access to millions of songs organized into mixes by listeners like you. Start listening to great music right away or create an account to track your favorite mixes, songs, and DJs. Stop letting marketing dweebs and computer algorithms pick your music and hear what real people from around the world are listening to. Powered by 8tracks.


TetAttack is a fast paced puzzle game that is fun and addictive. Create chain reactions and combos by lining up the colored blocks. Three modes of play, different speeds, and difficulty levels give beginners and advanced players the perfect challenge.

You won't be able to put it down!


Find out what the King County Health Department thinks of your favorite restaurant. Thinking about trying someplace new? Know what the county Health Inspector knows before you do! If you live in the Seattle area, or are planning a visit, this app is a must have. Defend yourself and your family from food borne illness for just a few pennies. Live data pulled directly from the King County Health Department; a vast database continuously updated.

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Softwell, LLC was founded by Paul Tidwell as a business for creating games and applications for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox. Paul has been creating mobile software since 2001 and finds the modern platforms a joy to work with. He is always looking for new ideas to bring to Microsoft platforms.

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